Current Projects and Coursework

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  • Friendly, M., & Sigal, M. J. (2014). Some prehistory of CARME: Visual language and visual thinking. In J. Blasius & M. Greenacre (Eds.), Visualization and verbalization of data (chap. 1). Chapman and Hall.
  • Sigal, M. J., & Pettit, M. (2012, October 29). Information Overload, Professionalization, and the Origins of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Review of General Psychology. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1037/a0028531
  • Sigal, M. J. (2012). An Applied Introduction to SPSS. Toronto, ON: Institute for Social Research, York University.
  • Sigal, M. J., & McKelvie, S. J. (2012). Is exposure to visual media related to cognitive ability? Testing Neisser's hypothesis for the Flynn effect. Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis, 9(1), 23-50.
  • Sigal, M. J., & Pettit, M. (2010). Book review of A History of Modern Psychology: 3rd Edition. Canadian Psychology, 51(1).
Graduate-level Coursework
  • Research Practicum III (Dr. J. Pek)
  • Psychometric Methods (Dr. D. Flora)
  • Scientific Programming and Simulations in R (Dr. R. Cribbie)
  • Applications of Mixed Models (Dr. G. Monette)
  • Research Methodology for Developmental Psychology (Dr. N. Cepeda)
  • Latent Growth Curve Modeling Reading Course (Dr. D. Flora)
  • Multivariate Analysis (Dr. M. Friendly)
  • Research Practicum II (Dr. M. Friendly)
  • Technologies of Behaviour (Dr. A. Rutherford)
  • Computer Programming for Experimental Psychology (Dr. R. Murray)
  • Univariate Analysis (Dr. J. Elder)
  • Research Practicum I (Dr. M. Pettit)
  • Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Contemporary Psychology B (Dr. M. Pettit)
  • Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Contemporary Psychology A (Dr. C. Green)
Additional Courses
  • An Introduction to Item Response Theory (SCS*)
  • Participant (and TA) at SPIDA 2012
  • Workshop on Functional Data Analysis (SCS)
  • Presenting Data and Information (Edward Tufte)
  • Longitudinal/Hierarchical Data Analysis with R (SCS)
  • Interpreting Regression Coefficients (Analysis Factor)
  • Fitting with MATLAB (MathWorks)
  • Technical and Parallel Computing with Matlab (MathWorks)
  • Analytic Graphics (GTA R User's Group)
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis in Practice (SORA/ABA)
  • Participant at SPIDA 2011
  • Methods in Survey Data Analyis (SCS)
  • Visualizing Categorical Data with SAS and R (SCS)
  • Introduction to R Short Course (SCS)
  • Introduction to SAS Short Course (SCS)
  • Participant at SPIDA 2010
  • Introduction to Qualitative Research (SCS)
  • Introduction to NVivo (SCS)
* SCS refers to the Statistical Consulting Service at York University.